Blog Tour Update

Yes, I apologize for it every time. There is an upcoming New Year’s resolution to be a better blogger in the works. I am at work on my second novel Fracture and have been on blog tour these past few months. I’ll be posting again very soon, but, in the meantime, you can check out the following links for a few insights into Hindsight, my debut novel, and into my life as a globetrotting author.

Read an excerpt of Chapter 1 at Victory in Books

Read an excerpt of Chapter 3 at Black and White Pages

Read an excerpt of Chapter 7 here at eInk Reviews or here at The Book Connoisseur

Find out about Shirley, the lead character of Hindsight at Life Altering Reads

Tips on Writing in First Person at Writers and Authors

How I Write at Reading Dream Life

What Has Influenced My Writing at Living4Books

The Benefits of Travel as a Writer at Need to Stop Reading

Blog Tour: Week One Wrapup

Howdy! Don’t be shy. Come on closer to the campfire. Shake the dust off your boots and sit a while. I’ve got a pot of coffee on and some tobacco to roll if you like. Beautiful night isn’t it? Where am I coming from? I’m caravanning on a month long blog tour. I’ve been to a few nice places this past week. Let me tell you about them.

I started off with a guest post on writing in first person POV over at my friend, Ravina’s blog. Hindsight, my novel, is written in first person, after all. I left four tips for writers who’d like to tackle the perspective or those who’d just like to refine their knowledge of it.

Then I rolled into Bunny’s Reviews for a little sit down and chat–an author interview, if you like–about my family, about fears, and failure.

I stopped over at Author’s Friend with another guest post of six tips for less procrastinating and more doing.

And just before I got here, I found my way onto The Reading Cat for another author interview. (And yes, it did sound an awful lot like the first one, so if you’ve read my interview on Bunny’s Reviews, you know the answer to these questions).

I’ll be sure to keep the posts coming your way as I continue to stop off and visit with all the fine folks I meet along the way. Meanwhile, how ’bout a drop of whiskey in that coffee?