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“A debut novel about an Irish-American ex-con combines the appeal of the thriller and noir fiction genres in a style similar to that of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books… Featuring some insightful character development and pedal-to-the-metal pacing, this novel gets its real power from its gritty narrative voice, which is simultaneously jaded and principled… A high-stakes suspense novel with a breakneck pace and strong voice.” – Kirkus Reviews

Hindsight is available for $2.99 on Amazon, but if you want it for free, you can sign up to receive the free eBook, short stories, and updates about all my upcoming work.



Fracture is Book 2 of the Hindsight Series, also available on Amazon, but don’t check that out until you’ve read Hindsight. There are some serious spoilers in the book description that you won’t want to read until you’ve experienced the twists and turns of Hindsight.


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