About the Author

133c480326f48f66e0d357fe0805c8a0I am the author of Hindsight, a modern day thriller about the last three weeks of the life of a man named Shirley O’Shea. Find out more about it here.

I grew up traveling around the world with my family. Living in the Caribbean and in Asia for most of my life, culture and unique characters feature heavily in my writing. I discovered a love for words and stories early on, and travel throughout Europe, America, and Asia only amplified that love.

A year after I graduated from university, I stumbled over the idea for Hindsight, my first novel. I played with it for a while, then folded it back up and forgot about it for two years before it climbed off the shelf and demanded to be written at knife-point. I finally surrendered and found that the writer in me that I had locked in the basement had somehow survived all those years of neglect and starvation. I was frenzied, hungry and ready to write. I picked up the pen and set to crafting Hindsight and myself as an author. Now I’ve published Fracture, Hindsight’s sequel, and am working on a completely different kind of book for my third launch. Stay tuned for news.

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