My Fracture Workstation

I thought that since Fracture is hitting the Amazon store on June 4, I’d release this little tidbit. I like to create a collage for whatever novel I’m working on at the moment to keep me inspired and give me a visual representation of what’s happening in the story. Don’t look too hard if you want to keep all the suspense for the novel, but if you’d like a couple of clues, there are plenty of Easter eggs in this one image for the studious.

Camera 360

2 thoughts on “My Fracture Workstation

  1. Dearest Owen, you have become one of my favorite authors! I cannot afford to pay anything for any ebooks as I have Multiple Sclerosis and only make $1,039/month! My rent is $700/month and with Dr bills, prescriptions, food, etc I barely make it each month. Cannot wait to read your next free ebook; you are an incredible writer! Thanks, Diane Galburt. PS. I do read one book/day and have been for 15 years!!

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